What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is an innovative online platform designed to help you showcase your work accomplishments in a more detailed and authenticated way. Think of it as an interactive, project-based resume that goes beyond just listing your roles and responsibilities.

On Mosaic, your work is represented through 'Blocks', which are individual projects you've worked on. Each Block contains specific information about the project, such as what the project was, who it was for, when it was completed, what role you played, and who you collaborated with.

But here's the exciting part: these Blocks aren't just statements, they're authenticated. That means when you create a Block, you send it for approval to someone who can verify your work, adding credibility to your professional achievements.

Not only does Mosaic let you represent your work more accurately, but it also connects you with others based on shared projects or skills, enhances trust through work authentication, and lets you discover the people behind your favorite projects.

Whether you're a creator, designer, founder, artist, or anyone contributing to work that's worth celebrating, Mosaic is here to make your achievements shine brighter. So, ready to build your Mosaic? Let's get started!