Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a new user or a seasoned Mosaic pro, it's natural to have questions. Our FAQs provide quick, comprehensive responses to the most common queries we receive. We've compiled the top five questions that we often encounter, along with their answers, to help you navigate Mosaic with ease.

  1. What is a Block?

A Block is an authenticated record of work done for a specific project or role. Each Block includes details about the project, the company it was for, when it was completed, and who you worked with. Creating Blocks helps to build a transparent and verifiable record of your work history.

  1. How can I authenticate a Block?

When creating a Block, you need to enter the company information, including the name, a domain name associated with that company, and a recipient's email address who can authenticate your work. This recipient is typically a supervisor or someone else at the company who can verify your role in the project.

Remember, you yourself cannot authenticate a Block of your own as it must be authenticated by a third-party, connected to the company you worked for. You never know, someone might request that YOU authenticate a Block one day!

  1. Is Mosaic free?

Yes! Whilst we're in beta we currently allow anyone to create an account for free. This means users are not limited to the number of Blocks they can create however moving forward we do plan on adding features such as galleries, opportunities to create teams and to find work, add custom domains, private mode, and much more. When these new features arrive we will charge a small monthly fee. Heads up! All accounts created before that time will have a free subscription for life.

  1. I've been added to a Block as a collaborator - what do I do?

It's usually a positive thing so great! Being a collaborator for a Block means you took part in a project that your team member would like to authenticate, and shine a light on! If you recognize the individual and project you can choose to accept the Block, thus being able to enter your Role and Contract Type. Voila! You now have a Block for your account, authenticating the work you've completed together.