Mosaic is committed to maintaining a professional and authentic environment for all users. We have strict policies against spam and false information, and it's important to understand what happens if these policies are violated.

If a user's block requests are found to be spam or consistently contain incorrect or false information, there are certain consequences that will be applied:

  1. Blocks: If a Block is reported or rejected more than 5 times due to spammy behavior or false claims of work, that block will be permanently removed from the system. This ensures that only authentic and verifiable blocks are present on Mosaic.

  2. Account Status: If a user's account continues to create spammy blocks or has multiple blocks rejected due to false information, their account may be flagged. Once flagged, a user may face further investigation or even suspension of their account. This is to maintain the integrity of the platform and protect other users from potential spam.

Remember, Mosaic is a tool meant to showcase and authenticate genuine work. We encourage all users to use it respectfully and truthfully. Always ensure the information you're providing in your blocks is accurate and that you're respecting the time and inboxes of your recipients.

Creating false blocks or spamming other users not only undermines your own credibility, but it also impacts the trustworthiness and effectiveness of Mosaic as a platform. Let's work together to maintain a high standard of authenticity and professionalism.