Creating a Block

One of the most important features of Mosaic is the creation of Blocks. Blocks not only illustrate the trajectory of your professional journey, but they also bring trust and credibility to your work. These detailed project records allow you to truly showcase your skills and achievements, thus fostering a deeper connection with potential collaborators, employers, and partners. By creating Blocks, you are setting a new standard for work transparency, authenticity, and recognition in the professional landscape. Let's dive deeper into why this is important.

Let's dive in and talk about the main points of creating a block:

  1. Company Information
  2. Project Details
  3. Add Collaborators (optional)
  4. Add a Note

Company Information

Start by entering the company's name and its associated domain name. This tells anyone viewing your Block where the work was done and ensures it's authenticated by the company. If the company isn't already in the system, you can manually add it. You'll also need to provide the email address of a recipient at the company who can authenticate your work. This is important for verifying the authenticity of your Block.

Project Details

Next, describe the project you worked on, your role in it, and the type of contract you had (Employee, Freelancer, Contractor, Agency, or Volunteer). This helps others understand what you contributed to the project. If it was a team effort, focus on what the team accomplished as a whole.

Add Collaborators (optional)

If you worked with others, you can add up to 5 collaborators by entering their email addresses. This step is optional, but it helps to show the team behind the project and makes your Block more robust. You can use either company emails or personal ones, but company emails are preferred for authenticity.

Add a Note

Before sending the Block for approval, you can add a note to the recipient, explaining what you'd like them to do or providing additional context about the project. This helps the recipient understand why they're being asked to authenticate the Block and what they need to confirm.


Use CORRECT casing

When adding a new company, entering your role, or describing the project please remember to use the correct casing to keep your blocks looking clean.

Keep'em Clean

Your project description should be simple, clear, and clean. Any blocks that contain profanity will be flagged for removal.

Double Check

Each Block you create adds to your professional story, so take the time to ensure each one is accurate and complete.