Owners vs Collaborators

The person who creates a Block is considered its owner. They're the one responsible for initiating the Block by providing all the necessary details about the project, such as the company, project description, and their role in it. They're also the ones who add collaborators to the Block.

As the owner, they're the primary person associated with the project. Once they send the Block for authentication, they're the ones who will receive the approval or rejection notice.

Collaborators, on the other hand, are people who the Block owner identifies as having worked with them on the project. They're included in the Block as part of the team that contributed to the project.

Collaborators do not have the authority to change the details of a Block, similar to the owner. Their main role in the Block is to confirm their involvement in the project when an authentication request has been approved. Once a Block is approved, it will also appear on their Mosaic profile, alongside the owner's, highlighting their contribution to the project.